"Life of Independent Rockstars: TURBO GOTH"

A Documentary Film By: Maksym Galyuk

Independent Filipino Electronic-Rock Duo ”Turbo Goth” from New York explores the streets of Austin, Texas during the SXSW Music Festival 2016. While navigating the chaotic jungle of the one of the biggest Music Festival’s of North America, they are driven with the passion for their music to be heard. Peer into a glimpse of how their dreams are lived through reality, being created as it imagined, from the heart and mind.

Despite being faced with unknown inevitable circumstances that traverse with their day-to-day adventures, feel the magic of the power of believing in one’s destiny.

"Life of Independent Rockstars - TURBO GOTH" (TRAILER)


"Life of Independent Rockstars - TURBO GOTH" (FULL Documentary Film)